5 best GTA 5 RP servers for beginners in 2023

5 best GTA 5 RP servers for beginners in 2023

5 best GTA 5 RP servers for beginners in 2023

Welcome to the captivating realm of GTA 5 RP! If you’re a beginner eager to embark on an immersive role-playing experience, we’ve got some exciting news for you. According to the esteemed website “GTA RP Servers,” we’ve compiled a definitive list of the 5 best GTA 5 RP servers specifically tailored for beginners in 2023.

These carefully curated servers have been handpicked to provide an ideal environment for newcomers like you to learn, explore, and unleash your creativity within the vibrant virtual world of Los Santos.

So, get ready to delve into an unforgettable RP journey as we introduce you to these exceptional servers, recommended by the trusted experts at “GTA RP Servers.” Let’s dive in and discover the perfect playground for your RP aspirations!

What is the best GTA RP server?

5 best GTA 5 RP servers for beginners in 2023

The best GTA RP server can vary depending on individual preferences, server rules, community engagement, and other factors. It’s a subjective matter and can change over time as new servers emerge and existing ones evolve.

Based on our experience with GTA RP, we have carefully curated a list of the 5 best GTA RP servers. These servers have stood out due to their immersive gameplay, dedicated communities, active staff members, and engaging role-playing opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for a server with a strong emphasis on realistic role-playing, intense action-packed scenarios, or a mix of both, our selection aims to provide a diverse range of options to cater to different preferences. So, without further ado, let’s explore the 5 best GTA RP servers that have captivated the RP community with their exceptional experiences.

#5 – TheFamilyRP

TheFamilyRP may not be the most prestigious GTA 5 RP server, but it has some serious roleplaying involved. This leads to endless possibilities for players who are more interested in the roleplaying aspect.

However, players with no idea of roleplaying may find it challenging to get into this server. Players have to sign up and submit their applications to play, and the waiting list can get quite long.

# 4 – Lucid City RP

Lucid City RP is a beginner-friendly server that is similar to NoPixel in many ways. The rules are similar to most other GTA 5 RP servers, and they prioritize roleplaying. It has a lot of interesting features, including the Cayo Perico expansion from GTA Online.

#3 – Legacy RP

Legacy RP is a GTA 5 RP server with a heavy focus on gang wars. They have a number of separate regional servers in many countries, including an Indian server. This server is for serious roleplayers as realism is a big aspect of roleplaying on Legacy RP.

The server is based on FiveM and has custom jobs, vehicles, and a court system, among other features.

#2 – GTA World

Players who feel uncomfortable with the idea of chatting with random strangers online may prefer GTA World. This is a text-based server where a microphone isn’t needed.

The diversity of the world on this server, with its varied factions, makes it one of the best GTA 5 RP servers.

#1 – MafiaCity RP

MafiaCity RP is a popular RP server that offers a wide variety of career choices. From a notorious crime lord to a modest car mechanic, the possibilities of roleplaying on this server are endless.

MafiaCity RP is based on the RageMP mod client, where NPCs can be completely removed from the world. This forces player interaction while simultaneously providing an immersive roleplaying experience.


In conclusion, these 5 best GTA 5 RP servers for beginners in 2023 provide a fantastic entry point into the world of role-playing in Los Santos. Each server offers a unique and welcoming environment specifically designed to cater to beginners, allowing them to learn, grow, and have an enjoyable RP experience.

Whether you’re seeking a server with a strong emphasis on character development, engaging storylines, or a supportive community, these servers have proven their worth and garnered praise from players. With regular updates and dedicated staff members, these servers strive to provide an immersive and enjoyable RP journey for beginners to truly dive into the captivating world of GTA 5 RP.

So, prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure as you join one of these outstanding servers and unleash your creativity in the virtual streets of Los Santos. The RP possibilities are limitless, and these servers are here to make your journey a truly memorable one.

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